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Quotes "We got second at the July 26th/08 Checkmate Pre-Entry and Sixth at Checkmate again on Sept 6th, Entry level. Most importantly, we both made HUGE improvements each time out (she behaved like an old pro at our last show) and we are now ready (confidently) for Pre-Training next season! We've been schooling Pre-Training for a while but we really needed to get the 'baby horse' stuff and some of the 'rookie' errors out of the way at the shows; and now, I think we've got it!!! I am very happy with our first season together, 'blips' and all...Bottom line... she is a brilliant horse with unlimited potential! I absolutly adore her! (I can't even write it without tears) And I am so excited about our future together, she is going to be a star and we are going to have a tonne of fun!! I've always wanted you to know that she has a forever home! Quotes
Marj Beale
A lifetime partner!

Quotes I have to say she is an absolutely phenomenal little mare!!! You should be proud of your stallion for producing great minded, kind and steady horses like this one! She is calm, sweet and has a mature personality for her age. She is doing wonderfully in her dressage training and is finally starting to do some basic exercises over jumps. We took her to her first little jumping show last weekend for schooling purposes and she was awesome (pictures of me with her are from the show)! She seemed to really enjoy the mental stimulation of being away from home even though she was exhausted when she got home in the evening. What strikes me most about our little girl is her gentle attitude towards the young and Nikita is totally in love with her. Kecia sure has become an integral part of our family and we are all very excited to see her progress and are looking forward to having her start her show season soon. Quotes
Continued success....

Quotes Kecia (aka Grace), is finally in full 5-day training with Tamara (at least for a few months) and hopefully we'll be able to start taking her to shows next year. She is an amazing girl, she has quite the heart and lung capacity on her!!! I let her run in the large jumping arena a couple of times the week and she always looks forward to that... as soon as I take off the halter she is gone, from zero to one hundred in no time, really fun to watch that accelleration!! On the trails she climbs up our steep hill behind the barn breathing like it was nothing when we get to the top while all the other horses sound like severe asthmatics!! Nothing fazes this girl! The shoer was a little stunned by the complete lack of reaction from her when she got her first shoes on her front feet - just like a pro. Riding her in the near dark in the arena with chicken running in the lemon orchard (yes, the barns neighbor has a lot of free-range chicken...) one look and that was it! Nikita is totally i Quotes
Amazing "Grace"

Quotes Wisdom is just a wonderful horse...he can do the work and he has such a good heart. I can ride him and he will do all sorts of upper level movements, and then my young daughter can get on him and he takes perfect care of her, too. He is completely unflappable when all the other horses around are bouncing up and down, and he is rock solid on trails as well. It's fun to have people stop and watch him when I'm riding because he is such a handsome boy, and because he moves so nicely. I'm just thrilled to have him as my equine partner! Quotes
Thrilled with Wisdom!

Quotes Hello Suzanne, it is hard to capture in words how wonderful Winny is ... so I welcome your editing suggestions. :) Winny is a dream to ride. He is so responsive and eager to please. He is sensible and brave: I was delighted to introduce him to cross-country at the Leslie Laws clinic. I could not have asked for a better partner, and Leslie asked incredulously: "Are you *sure* it's his first time cross-country?!" Winny is wonderful! He loves to jump! Nothing fazes him. He has that great combination of keen and sensitive, so he is eager but always listening to you. He is a great horse and a dream partner. Quotes
A Dream Partner.....

Quotes Warrick himself is fantastic. As you said his birthday coming up soon, which is exciting. He is working so well for me. I have him started at walk, trot and canter undersaddle now and he loves it. My only challenge with him is that he learns so fast that excercises I plan for him to work on over a month he'll understand in a few weeks! I am very excited about that. Warrick is wonderful, he is so quiet and steady, just a pleasure to ride. He has been going on hacks by himself too! We were out on the trails and he was being very good, as usual, when we came to this little bridge. He normally walks over this bridge without hesitation, brave man that he is, but that day he would not budge! So I led him across, not thinking too much about it. When I got back on and rode up the hill, there, not 20 feet in front of us was a mother bear and two cubs! He was amazing. Quotes
Latarah Poeta