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South Grey Hanoverians is situated on 100 acres of scenic land near Mt. Forest, Ontario. Our objective is to produce athletic, rideable and  intelligent partners for the Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. We primarily use established European warmbloods: Hanoverians, Holsteiners and Westphalians.

Some of our young horses were extensively shown on the line for handling and show experience. By the time they are three, they are extremely well adapted to the horse show environment. Started lightly under saddle at three, they are educated in the aids for walk, trot, canter and halt. It is our prime concern that they understand with quiet, calm knowledge. Their schooling is based on the basics of the Spanish Riding School principles with a steady progression of understanding. They are assessed for which discipline they will most likely fit into and then ridden accordingly.  Freejumping is incorporated into their program at this time. All of our horses are well mannered, they clip, bathe and trailer well.




Suzanne Hess has been showing for over 35 years in various disciplines. She has competed successfully in dressage, hunter, jumper, eventing and driving. In 1984 she was certified with Equine Canada and received her coaching certificate.  She spent many years teaching at facilities like Hendervale and the Horse Place.  She spent countless years working for professionals like John Pearce and Greg Kuti.  Suzanne trained for over 20 years with Chris Todd, BHSI holding a Level 3 in each of the Olympic disciplines.  Chris himself was trained by Robert Hall, a student of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.  She spent many years working as a vet tech honing her care and breeding skills.   Now her time is spent breeding, foaling, handling, training and starting the young horses as well as taking them to their first shows.  They have accumulated countless ribbons on the line over the years, winning at prestigious shows like the Royal Winter Fair and the Tournament of Champions.    In both 2008 and 2009,  Suzanne was Eventing Reserve Champion YE on her mare Galena even though they only competed in a handful of shows.   At the 2009 Provincial Championships, Galena was 3rd and Suzanne received the Adult Champion ribbon. Galena had been receiving dressage scores during the eventing season  of 72 - 74%!


 Suzanne also extensively shows in the event, dressage and jumper rings at all the "A" rated shows having shown at the 2011 HITS, Ocala series. Suzanne had won two National Dressage Championships that year and also ended up the Eventing 2011 YE Reserve Champion with Winchester! She placed 3rd in the Adult division of the OHTA Championships at Wits End, maintaining their 1st place standing right up until the last jump in stadium.  They repeated their Reserve Champion YE results, upgrading to the Pre-Training Division and were 2012 Champion of the Novice Adult Division concluding another stellar year on Winchester.  Even achieving the dream score of 80% in their dressage test!!!  Demonstrating that these lovely horses are multi talented and not just in one discipline!

  On her 5 yr old gelding "Wisdom" at his first show, Suzanne received excellent dressage scores consistenly over 65% up to 68.18%.  She then competed Galena at the Cornerstone Dressage show and garnered dream scores all over 65%!! Suzanne has had dressage training primarily with Chris Todd, BHSI, and also influenced by Olympians Cindy Ishoy, David Marcus and Jacquie Brooks. 


 During the May 6-8th, 2011 Springfest Gold Dressage show, Winchester (shown by Suzanne) received nothing less than 1st place ribbons during each of his Training Level tests with scores up to 70% at his first ever dressage show!  Each of the international judges, Libby McMullen FEI 5*, Marian Cunningham FEI 4* and Victoire Mandl FEI 4* made positive comments on how correct his training was and all gave him 7 or 8 for gaits.  Winchester finished the show as the Training Level Champion at his first ever dressage competition!  At only his second dressage show, Suzanne and Winchester received a 74.5%, also finishing winning the Championship at Cornerstone!

 Suzanne has  years of  experience starting Thoroughbred's as well.   Those years she spent learning from renowned riders John Pearce and Greg Kuti were influential  as well as the time spent at the occasional lesson with Beth Underhill. Beth is an amazing instructor imparting skills to her students for immediate and long term results!   Suzanne is also a  qualified mare inspector for the Canadian Sport Horse Association inspecting mares for acceptance into the associations breed books. Inspecting mares with the likes of Bob Henselwood, Sue Ockenden and Doug Dean, the CSHA is an evolving work in progress.   She was awarded a Life Time membership with the CSHA for achieving exceptional results for them in a volunteer capacity, creating a 16 month Stallion Calendar as well as having the largest amount of stallions sign up for the Silent Auction (Over 75 stallions participating).

The entire Hess family enjoys the farm life, soccer, hockey,  dirt bikes, ATV's, sports  and just having fun. Feel free to contact them at any time.

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